Brisbane Makeup Lessons   

A hands-on lesson where you’ll learn the art of makeup  

There are some days when popping on some lipgloss and mascara, and throwing your hair up in a messy bun are enough. There are others where you want to look like a supermodel and turn heads. But one things for sure, makeup is always going to boost your mood no matter how much or little you’re wearing. 


As a makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience, I’m a big believer that every woman deserves to look and feel their best every day. 


When I started out in business, I was surprised how many women didn’t know much about makeup and how they were often too embarrassed to ask. They hadn’t grown up around makeup, so they didn’t know if they were applying makeup correctly (if they even wore it!). 


It became my mission to empower women on the art of makeup; to help them learn the ‘why’ of makeup.


My Brisbane based makeup lessons are designed to give you personal attention, answering your makeup questions, showing you all the techniques, and helping you learn how to apply makeup, and the colours to use for your skin type. 


If you’re looking for a girly day out, you can book a group makeup workshop. Private 1:1 makeup lessons are available if you’d prefer to have individual attention and a safe environment to ask your makeup questions. 


So, if you want to learn the art of makeup from a professional makeup artist, book in to visit me in my studio. 

‘Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out’ 

– Audrey Hepburn

Here’s what you’ll get with your makeup lessons

✓ 1:1 personal attention so you can ask all your makeup questions as we step through the makeup process.
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✓ A personalised face chart, highlighting your features and face type, so you know the kind of makeup to wear.
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✓ You’ll learn how to create a fresh, day look as well as the glamourous makeup techniques for special occasions.

Bonus gifts when you book your makeup lessons

Here’s what else you’ll receive:

✓ Learn the correct way to prep your skin for flawless makeup application

✓ Master how to colour-match your complexion, so your makeup looks natural

✓ Be shown the techniques to contour and highlight your features 

✓ Correct blush placement for a youthful complexion

✓ Create a fresh, natural day look 

✓ Learn a beautiful soft glam evening look perfect for evenings out or a special occasion

Receive a 34-page step by step makeup guide that you can use with the lessons to gain extra tips and tricks

✓ Gain access to my VIP makeup Facebook group, featuring exclusive videos, beauty tips, specials and answers to your questions

Book the Master Your Makeup session, and you’ll get even more bonus gifts:

✓ A personalised skin consultation with details on how to maintain a healthy complexion

✓ How to create a simple skincare regime that is age-appropriate

✓ A makeup bag makeover, throwing out products that aren’t working for you and discovering what you should be using 

✓ Learning all the tools of the trade used by professional makeup artists

PLUS you’ll receive lifetime access to my online makeup lessons so you can refresh your makeup skills at any stage (normally sold for $149).

Group Makeup Lessons

Private groups of 2 or more

3 hours

$299 per person

Private Makeup Lessons

Private 1:1 session

3 hours


Master Your Makeup

Private 1:1 session

3+ hours


Studio Makeup Lessons are held Monday to Friday in my private home studio in Camp Hill, Brisbane.

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Hi, I’m Megan, Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist

For over 20+ years, I’ve worked as a makeup artist, helping women look and feel beautiful every day. When I started my salon, clients always asked what makeup I wore, what brushes I used and how I applied it. I quickly learnt that so many women, of differing ages, were looking for guidance when it came to makeup. 


So I made it my mission to let women know they’re not alone. I’ve now worked with hundreds of women, sharing my makeup tips and tricks and helping them find their unique style. I believe that no matter what stage of life you’re at, you deserve to look and feel your best. 


I’m hugely passionate about educating women about all things makeup, and that’s why I’ve created these makeup lessons. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you have, or where you live, you can now access the insider tips from a professional makeup artist. 


"Looking natural and keeping it simple"

"Thank you so much for the group makeup workshop for my daughters and myself. We loved how warm and welcoming you were and that you focused the lesson on looking natural and keeping it simple which was exactly what we needed. I feel that we're all better equipped to navigate the cosmetic counters to get value for money, and that my girls know that less is more. I really enjoyed being able to do it with the girls, and you navigated our 3 age groups, skin types, styles and face shapes seamlessly. I think we all got more value from doing it together!" - Marie

Give the gift of makeup to a loved one or friend

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FAQs about the makeup lessons

Who are the makeup lessons suitable for?

If you’re looking for 1:1 instructions, in person from a professional makeup artist, the in-studio (Brisbane based) lessons are perfect for you.

What will I learn about makeup?

You’ll learn everything from skin prep right through to full-glam, night out makeup and everything in between. You’ll learn application techniques and feel empowered to try different colours and styles of makeup.

How long does a lesson go for?

Depending on the type of lesson you choose, along with the size of your group, the studio makeup lessons are approximately 2-3 hours in length.

Where are you located?

My private makeup studio is in Camp Hill in Brisbane.

Will I be applying makeup during the lesson?

Yes, you will be! I’ve found that the best way to learn and remember correct makeup and brush techniques is to apply the makeup yourself (with my assistance).

What do I bring to the makeup lesson?

Yourself and all your makeup questions! Professional brushes and makeup will be supplied for you to use on the day and you’ll be given a 34-page makeup workbook with all the notes from the lesson to take home with you.

Do I need to purchase makeup on the day?

I use Issada Cosmetics, and you’ll be using this brand during your lesson. You’re under no obligation to buy anything. I’m teaching you the correct techniques for makeup which you can apply to any makeup range you choose to use.

Do you offer support after the lesson?

I am committed to helping you master the art of makeup, and you’re welcome to email me at makeup@megandent.com.au. You’ll also be invited to join my VIP Facebook makeup group, where I share added tips and trick. Plus, if you sign up for the Master your Makeup session, you’ll have access to my online makeup lessons where you’ll have demonstration videos to remind you of the techniques.

"I created these makeup lessons for every woman who wants to learn makeup techniques from a professional makeup artist, in a nurturing environment. I believe woman, no matter what their situation, deserve to look and feel beautiful."

Makeup is fun and creative

 Find your unique makeup style with a personal makeup lesson in a private makeup studio.

Have your questions answered and learn the insider secrets from a professional makeup artist.