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Perfect the art of makeup with online or studio makeup lessons 

Learn all the makeup tricks used by professional makeup artists 

Makeup truly is an artform   

And like any artform, makeup is a skill that you can learn – no matter what stage of life you’re at. 


If you’ve ever had your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, you would have seen all the different techniques they used. It’s more than merely slapping on some war paint and hoping for the best! 


You need to start with the right skin preparation, match your natural skin tones with your foundation, choose the look you want for your eyes, choose your lipstick colour, and add some highlights.


It’s seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? 


But let me assure you, practice makes perfect. And you’ll find you’re applying makeup quicker when you learn the right techniques.


Seeing the need to help women learn the art of makeup, I created my online or studio makeup lessons. 


You’ll learn all the techniques used by professional makeup artists for everyday through to glamour makeup. We’ll start with the basics of skin prep and end with the finishing touches that will leave you feeling confident and looking gorgeous.  

‘Treat your makeup like jewellery for the face. Play with colours, shapes, structure – it can transform you.’  – Francois Nars 


Master Your Makeup Lesson

Private 1:1 in-person session

3 hours

Includes Online Makeup Course (sold for $249)




Makeup Lesson - Group

Private groups of two or more

3+ hours


$299 per person


Master Your Makeup Online Course

Self-paced video tutorials, stepping you through the entire skincare and makeup process from start to finish including a flawless day look & soft glam evening look.

$249 for instant access

Studio lessons are held Tuesday to Friday in my private makeup studio in Coorparoo, Brisbane.


"Megan's online makeup lessons transformed my world"

"Growing up, I'd watch mum slap on the green or blue eyeshadow with a bit of rouge and it never inspired me to wear makeup. Then being sent to an all girls school where makeup wasn't allowed meant I didn't start playing with makeup until I left school. With no one to show me, I fudged my way through for years, doing the whole panda eye thing most of the time. Then I found Megan's online makeup lessons and she's transformed my world. I have matched my makeup colour correctly for a start, and have learnt how to create gorgeous eye colours that has my partner saying, 'Wow, you look beautiful today, did you do something different with your eyes'. He notices the difference and I feel great! Thanks Megan, your makeup lessons are the best."  - Monique

Online or in-person makeup lessons – it’s your choice 

If you're in Brisbane and enjoy hands-on learning, I'd love to personally teach you one-on-one or with your family and friends the art of makeup. If you're located farther away or prefer online learning, allowing you to review and rewatch at your own pace, you can easily master makeup from the comfort of your home.

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