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You deserve to look and feel beautiful, every day

“I believe that every woman should feel beautiful and confident, regardless of age or background"


I’m Megan. As a professional makeup artist with over two decades of experience in makeup and skincare, I want my clients to look and feel beautiful and confident!

I am also a wife and a Mum of two active boys in sunny Brisbane. Outside of my makeup studio, you'll often find me shuttling my two boys to school or cheering them on from the sidelines of a basketball court or football field. I understand the hustle of busy schedules and the importance of feeling confident amidst the chaos.


My journey into the world of makeup began at the Napolean Perdis Academy in my hometown of Sydney when I was 19. I instantly fell in love with creating soft, glam makeup looks and began working weekends perfecting bridal looks.

When I moved to Brisbane, I expanded my expertise by studying beauty therapy, to extend my knowledge to both skincare and makeup. After owning several beauty salons across Brisbane, I realised my true passion was makeup. With the arrival of my second son, I sold my salon and built a private makeup studio at home, where I continue to work my magic today.

I was honoured to be named Makeup Artist of the Year 2022 by makeup brand, Issada Cosmetics. I also received the Social Savvy 2022 award and the Issada Emerging Expert Award 2023. Winning awards for something I'm truly passionate about means the world to me.

Connecting with my clients on a personal level and helping them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin is at the core of everything I do. I understand the overwhelming feeling that can come with navigating the beauty industry and feeling overlooked. I've always believed that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, regardless of age or background. So I am committed to building a community where beauty is celebrated at every stage of life.

I look forward to being part of your makeup journey!

Megan x

Megan Dent Makeup Artist - Issada Stocki
Megan Dent Makeup Artist 1_edited.jpg


"Beautiful and natural makeup"

"Growing up I never ‘learnt’ how to apply makeup, as I draw closer to 40 I knew it was time to learn these skills. I completed a makeup lesson with Megan and it was brilliant. Megan is full of knowledge and is able to explain in simple steps how to apply beautiful and natural make up. The workbook provided is a valuable ‘take away’ and I still refer to it. The follow up Megan also provides is wonderful. Thank you for such a wonderful lesson Megan."
- Jayde 

I adore what I do because there is no better feeling than seeing or hearing how confident and happy my clients look and feel. I love being able to help women banish their fears around makeup and embrace their newfound skills.

Together let’s create your own makeup journey

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