I'm Megan Dent, a Professional Makeup Artist from Brisbane, Australia. It’s lovely to meet you. 

I teach women of all ages how to take care of their complexions and apply flawless makeup with ease because I believe in beauty at every stage of life. Whether you’re a teenager, building a career, in the thick of motherhood, dealing with menopause, or in your golden age, you deserve to look and feel your best.

As a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist for over 20 years, your face is safe in my hands. I’ve worked with hundreds of women, sharing my tips and tricks and helping them discover their own unique style. I can help you if you need your makeup done for a special event or photoshoot, or you want to learn how to master makeup yourself.

I’m passionate about using my knowledge and experience to empower all women, no matter where they live, to bring out their natural beauty. It’s why I created my Online Makeup Lesson. My educational approach is simple and down to earth, so you’ll feel comfortable no matter what your starting skill level.

I adore what I do because there is no better feeling than seeing or hearing how confident and happy my clients look and feel. I love being able to help women just like you banish their fears around makeup and embrace their newfound skills.

Thanks for being here!

Megan x


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