When you look beautiful you feel beautiful

“I’m passionate about women gaining the confidence to apply makeup that allows them to look and feel their best - every day!”

Meet Megan

Welcome! My name is Megan Dent, a professional Makeup Artist from sunny Brisbane. As a Mum of two boys, my days are spent juggling kids, sport and business. All while trying to look put together myself. I often joke with clients when they arrive at my in-home studio, that it's my own room of “girlyness” in a house full of boys. 

My makeup journey began over 20 years ago. Having always had a passion for makeup, at 19 I completed my makeup course with Napolean Perdis in Sydney. We were his second-ever class and back then he was one of the teachers! I loved being creative and started doing Bridal Makeup as a hobby on the weekends while working as a Personal Assistant / Event Manager for over 10 years.


After over a decade in the corporate world and studying Beauty Therapy, started my own beauty salon which I worked in and staffed for over seven years. Once I became a Mum and after having my second son, I craved more of a work-life balance and began doing makeup fulltime from my home studio.

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After working with hundreds of women, I realised I was being asked the same questions around my makeup - What products did I use, what brushes and how I applied it? This is where my makeup lessons began - with mini-workshops, now over ten years ago.


Often clients admit to me, they simply didn’t have an older sister or mum who showed them how to apply makeup. Then as a grown-up, they almost feel embarrassed that they feel so overwhelmed. The truth is, this is very common. With so many products on the market, I understand why makeup can seem overwhelming and almost scary.


This is why I’m passionate about helping women find their makeup confidence. Makeup should be enjoyed. My approach to my lessons are simple, fun and practical. When a client leaves a makeup lesson, I want them to feel confident applying makeup themselves. I absolutely love that every day I can help women with their makeup confidence. Whether that be through lessons, events or photoshoots. 

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I adore what I do because there is no better feeling than seeing or hearing how confident and happy my clients look and feel. I love being able to help women banish their fears around makeup and embrace their newfound skills.

Together let’s create your own makeup journey


"Beautiful and natural makeup"

"Growing up I never ‘learnt’ how to apply makeup, as I draw closer to 40 I knew it was time to learn these skills. I completed a makeup lesson with Megan and it was brilliant. Megan is full of knowledge and is able to explain in simple steps how to apply beautiful and natural make up. The workbook provided is a valuable ‘take away’ and I still refer to it. The follow up Megan also provides is wonderful. Thank you for such a wonderful lesson Megan." - Jayde 

As a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist of over 20 years, you know you are in safe hands. Megan is passionate about teaching women of all ages how to take care of their complexions and apply flawless makeup with confidence.


Whether you need your makeup done for a special event, photoshoot or if you would love to learn how to master makeup yourself, Megan is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to empower all women, to bring out your natural beauty.


Megan truly believes in beauty at every age. Whether you are a teenager, building a career, in the thick of motherhood or in your golden age, she believes you deserve to look and feel your best - every day.