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Learn how to ‘Master Your Makeup Online’

Hey there beautiful!


I get it. The beauty industry can feel overwhelming, with so many products and young, hip influencers promoting the latest and greatest makeup tips. 


You see other women at work, school pick-up, and random outings, and you wonder how they’ve managed to look absolutely flawless with model-like makeup. 


You want to know their secrets – how do they get it right and look effortlessly beautiful…


Honestly, it’s not magic! It’s about having confidence in your own skin. 


Once you’ve learnt the art of mastering your makeup, the colour palette that suits you and the right products to use, you’ll step out every day feeling as glam as the women who’ve sent your envy into overdrive. 



‘Master Your Makeup Online’ at your own pace and whenever you need


I’ve created ‘Master Your Makeup Online’ to give women the flexibility to learn the art of makeup in their own unique way.


Whether you’re a binge watcher who wants to learn it all at once, or a busy lady who’ll watch when she can, how you watch your online makeup lessons is entirely your choice.


The lessons cover makeup application for mastering a natural day look through to a soft glam look for evening events.


As you’re getting ready, have the lessons playing on your phone beside you to perfect your makeup. After a while, it’ll become second nature and you’ll look absolutely flawless each day!


AND, the beauty of online access is you can come back at any stage for a quick refresh.


I’m so excited for you to feel confident with your makeup and be a part of your makeup journey!

Megan x


Master Your Makeup Online Today!

Self-paced makeup masterclasses stepping you through the entire skincare & makeup process for a natural day look to a soft glam evening look from start to finish.
39 page step-by-step Master Your Makeup guide with extra tips and tricks
Bonus product guide with direct links for instant access to all the essential tools and makeup
Instant access and available at any time, from anywhere
Membership to my VIP makeup facebook group
Instant access
Bonus gifts

"There is nothing else like this on the internet"

"I am a self-confessed YouTube makeup binger but I have to say, there is nothing else like this on the internet. I know, I've looked. The videos are so professionally shot and the detail created is like nothing else. However, it's Megan herself that makes this program a standout. Megan clearly has been teaching for years. Her ability to help you develop quite precise little techniques with such simplicity is amazing. Just as questions formed in my mind, she would answer them in her next breath. All I can say is she must have taught a lot of different people to develop such a thorough learning style. I'm so good at make-up now!" - Taya

Easy-to-follow online makeup lessons by multi award-winning makeup artist, Megan Dent


If you’re looking for easy to follow, online makeup lessons to ‘Master Your Makeup’, you’re in the right place. 


As a makeup artist with over 20 years of experience, I’ve created these lessons for you – a beautiful woman who wants to master their makeup application to look flawless from day to night. 


From the comfort of your home, you’ll learn the ‘why’ of makeup, how to choose the right colours to enhance or disguise features, and the techniques professional makeup artist’s use.

Winning the Issada Makeup Artist Of The Year in 2022 and the Issada Emerging Expert 2023, I live and breathe makeup, and love nothing more than helping women feel (and look) their best.


My online makeup lessons follow the step-by-step process I’ve used to teach hundreds of women in my private lessons. They walk away feeling empowered and confident and love their compliments from colleagues, family and friends. 


With my 1:1 private studio makeup lesson booked out months in advance, these online lessons are the perfect way for you to ‘Master Your Makeup Online’ today. Are you ready?

"I created these makeup lessons for every woman who wants to learn makeup techniques from a professional makeup artist, in a nurturing environment. I believe woman, no matter what their situation, deserve to look and feel beautiful."

Issada Awards.png

These online makeup lessons are for you if:

You want to feel effortlessly put together with makeup that 100% suits your skin and makes you look your absolute best

You’d love to feel confident that your makeup is flawless any time you step out of the house and say ‘yes’ to those random photo moments

You’re ready to embrace the compliments you’ll receive on how amazing your skin and makeup look (and blow them away when you say you did it yourself)

You’d appreciate getting ready quicker as you know exactly how to apply your makeup right the first time, every time

You want to learn from a multi-award winning makeup artist (who’s not a young Insta influencer covered in glitter!) And the best part? You can do it from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you get with ‘Master Your Makeup Online’


Online Makeup Lessons

Self-paced makeup video tutorials, stepping you through the entire skincare and makeup process from start to finish.


Master Your Makeup Guide

A 39-page step-by-step guide filled with valuable tips and tricks to help elevate your makeup skills alongside your lessons. 


Bonus Resources

Bonus product guide featuring direct links for instant access to all the essential tools and makeup.

Here’s what’s covered in your online makeup lessons

Each lesson is broken down into bite-size videos so you can watch what you want, when you want.

Here’s what’s covered...



+ Welcome to Master Your Makeup Online Lessons

+ Step-by-step Makeup Guide (PDF)

+ Product guide with direct links for instant access (PDF)

An introduction to makeup

+ Brush essentials

+ Setting up your makeup space



+ Get to know your skin type

+ How to care for your skin

+ Setting up a simple skincare routine

+ Secret to glowing skin

+ Caring for the eye area

+ Importance of skin hydration

+ Sun Protection for age-defying skin



+ Why you need a primer

+ Applying your primer correctly

+ How to colour-match your foundation

+ How to apply flawless foundation

+ Mastering the art of concealer

+ Under-eye brightening & concealing

+ Camouflaging imperfections

+ Setting your base with powder



+ When & how to use a bronzer

+ Contouring made simple

+ Unlock the magic of colour

+ Discover your ideal colours

+ How to apply blush correctly

+ Highlighting your best features

+ Achieving a youthful glow



+ Using an eye primer

+ Must-have eye brushes

+ How to create a natural day look

+ Achieving a soft glam evening look

+ Discover the beauty of shimmer 

+ Experimenting with colour

+ Simple eyeliner trick

+ Perfect your mascara technique

+ Creating killer eyebrows 



+ How to apply a lip liner

+ Matching your lipstick and applying it correctly

+ Amplify your lips with lip gloss

+ Tips on achieving healthy-looking lips



+ How to set your makeup to be long-lasting

+ Pro Tips and troubleshooting for flawless results

Bonus goodies to enhance your online makeup lessons!

You deserve some extra goodies, so you'll also receive 3 bonus lessons plus so much more...

Bonus lesson 1 - Makeup Bag Makeover
Discover how to makeover your makeup bag - what products are working, and what's not!
Bonus lesson 2 - Brush Washing
How to wash your makeup brushes and take care of your tools.
Bonus lesson 3 - Apply false lashes
How to easily apply both individual and false strip lashes.


Access online, from anywhere in the world!

A 39-page step-by-step Master Your Makeup Guide packed with extra tips and tricks to assist you in mastering the art of makeup alongside your lessons.
Bonus product guide with direct links for instant access to all the essential tools and makeup used.
Access to Megan for any makeup-related questions during your journey.

This entire package is valued over $799 but is all yours for a low $199!


Thank you, Megan!

I thoroughly enjoyed your online course. It was just what I needed to take my makeup application to the next level. Your online course is so beautifully compiled, easy to follow and full of handy tips and tricks. What I love most, is being able to rewind and look back at modules to refresh my knowledge. I would highly recommend this online course to anyone wanting to learn makeup.

Lara - Sydney

Michelle + Aston_edited.jpg

I decided that I'd treat myself to an online makeup lesson about 6 months ago and it is amazing the change it has made to my daily and special occasion makeup! I was always a bit scared of experimenting but this course was so easy to follow. I also bought Megan's brushes and some of the makeup she sells and I now can't believe that I didn't use professional products before. I have never had so many compliments on my make-up in my entire life!

Michelle - Lake Conjola

Mon photo.jpg

Megan is amazing and super knowledgeable on perfecting the art of makeup. I'd never had anyone teach me how to apply makeup properly, so I found Megan's online makeup course to be brilliant to learn all the techniques and tips and tricks professional makeup artists use. People always comment how young I look for my age and I put it down to learning how to do makeup that suits me and the amazing products Megan recommends. If you're looking for a lovely, funny and down-to-earth makeup artist, speak to Megan.

Monique - Melbourne

Here's what clients are saying...

Learn to Master Your Makeup today from the comfort of your home!

Makeup is fun and creative, and I can't wait to show you how to master your makeup with my easy-to-follow online lessons.
  • Who are the makeup lessons suitable for?
    If you're seeking one-on-one guidance from a professional makeup artist with over two decades of industry experience, the in-studio private lessons (located in Brisbane) are tailor-made just for you.
  • What will I learn about makeup?
    In these lessons, you'll embark on your makeup journey, starting from skin preparation and extending all the way to creating a beautiful soft glam evening look, with every step in between thoughtfully covered. As you delve into the art of makeup application, you'll gain the confidence to explore a wide range of colours and styles. Once you know the fundamental 'rules' of makeup, you'll be free to unleash your creativity and craft your own unique looks.
  • How long does a lesson go for?
    The length of the studio makeup lessons can vary depending on the specific type of lesson you select and the size of your group. These lessons are conducted in my private studio and typically last around 3 hours. All my private sessions are designed as sit-down, hands-on experiences where you'll have the opportunity to learn the art of makeup application on yourself, making the learning process both fun and informative!
  • Where are you located?
    All makeup lessons are taught in my private makeup studio is in Camp Hill in Brisbane.
  • Will I be applying makeup during the lesson?
    Absolutely, you will be getting hands-on experience! I've learned that the most effective way to grasp and retain the right makeup and brush techniques is by actively applying makeup yourself, with my guidance. This hands-on approach allows you to uncover the ideal makeup application methods for your specific skin tone and complexion. It's also an opportunity to explore which colours can accentuate your unique features, leaving you feeling your absolute best!
  • What do I bring to the makeup lesson?
    You, along with all your makeup questions! I'll provide you with professional brushes and makeup for your use on the day. Additionally, you'll receive a 39-page Master Your Makeup Guide, containing all the notes from the lesson, to take home with you. It's all about ensuring you have everything you need for a fun and informative session!
  • Do I need to purchase makeup on the day?
    During your lesson, we'll be using the Issada Cosmetics range - a fabulous Australian brand known for their mineral-based, vegan, and toxic-free makeup products. And if you'd like to enhance your personal makeup kit, you'll have the option to purchase some of their beautiful products at the end of your lesson. But remember, there's absolutely no pressure to buy anything. I'm here to teach you the right makeup techniques, and these skills can be applied to any makeup brand you choose to use. It's all about what works best for you!
  • Do you offer support after the lesson?
    My commitment is to guide you on your journey to mastering the art of makeup. Don't hesitate to drop me an email at with any queries or concerns. Additionally, you'll be extended an invitation to join my VIP Facebook makeup group, where I regularly share extra tips and tricks. I'm here to be a part of your makeup journey!
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