Online Makeup Lessons

Learn how to apply makeup using the correct techniques 

Most of us have attended an event where we glammed right up with the help of a professional makeup artist – weddings, award nights, big parties, graduations and so on. You feel like a million dollars. Your makeup is done perfectly, and you receive compliments from everyone – ‘Oh, you look gorgeous’. It feels good, doesn’t it?  

So, let me ask you this. Have you tried to recreate the same glamorous look but have no idea how the professional makeup artist made you look so flawless? 


Well, the great news is makeup isn’t as complicated as you may think. 


And this is why, as a makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience, I created my online makeup lessons. 


I want to teach you how to apply your makeup like a pro from the comfort of your home and in your own time. My easy to follow video makeup lessons take you right through, from skin preparation to the finishing touches. 

You’ll learn how to choose makeup to suit your skin, techniques for applying all makeup correctly, and how to create different looks depending on the occasion (from day to night). You’ll learn the ‘why’ of makeup and how certain colours can help enhance or disguise features. 


So, if you’re stuck in a makeup rut doing the same thing for years, you’ve never really used or applied makeup properly, or you just want to learn how the professionals do it, these online lessons are perfect for you.

‘That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently’ 

– Beyonce

Here’s what you’ll get with your online makeup lessons

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✓ 20 easy to follow video demonstrations, stepping you through the entire makeup process from start to end.
✓ 34-page step by step makeup guide that you can use with the lessons to gain extra tips and tricks.
✓ A 4-page guide to my favourite beauty brands, revealing (without biased) the products I choose to use.

Bonus gifts to enhance your makeup lessons

Here’s what else you’ll receive:

✓ Bonus lessons on the coloured eye look (18 videos)

✓ Bonus lessons on mature skin makeup (16 videos)

✓ A guide to makeup rules, so you’ll learn what flatters your face shape

✓ Lifetime access to all the videos and resources that you can access online, from anywhere in the world

✓ Access to my VIP makeup Facebook group, featuring exclusive videos, beauty tips, specials and answers to your questions

This entire package is valued over $599 but is all yours for a low $149.

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Hi, I’m Megan, Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist

For over 20+ years, I’ve worked as a makeup artist, helping women look and feel beautiful every day. When I started my salon, clients always asked what makeup I wore, what brushes I used and how I applied it. I quickly learnt that so many women, of differing ages, were looking for guidance when it came to makeup. 


Some clients were quite sheepish when they asked me, almost too embarrassed to admit they didn’t know much. But not everyone has grown up with mums or sisters who know and wear makeup, or didn’t have girly afternoons with friends where they’d practice applying makeup. 


So I made it my mission to let women know they’re not alone. I’ve now worked with hundreds of women, sharing my makeup tips and tricks and helping them find their unique style. I believe that no matter what stage of life you’re at, you deserve to look and feel your best. 


I’m hugely passionate about educating women about all things makeup, and that’s why I’ve created these online makeup lessons. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you have, or where you live, you can now access the insider tips from a professional makeup artist. 


"There is nothing else like this on the internet"

"I am a self confessed YouTube makeup binger but I have to say, there is nothing else like this on the internet. I know, I've looked. The videos are so professionally shot and the detail created is like nothing else. However it's Megan herself that makes this program a standout. Megan clearly has been teaching for years. Her ability to help you develop quite precise little techniques with such simplicity is amazing. Just as questions formed in my mind, she would answer them in her next breath. All I can say is she must have taught a lot of different people to develop such a thorough learning style. I'm so good at make-up now!" - Taya

Here’s a sample of a makeup lesson

Learn how to master your makeup from the comfort of your home

✓ 20 easy to follow makeup demonstration videos

✓ Makeup workbook with extra tips and tricks

✓ Beauty Guide with personal makeup recommendations

✓ Bonus 16 mature makeup videos

✓ Bonus 18 coloured eye makeup videos

✓ Guide to makeup rules 

✓ Lifetime access and available online at any time

✓ Access to a VIP makeup Facebook Group

"I created these makeup lessons for every woman who wants to learn makeup techniques from a professional makeup artist, in a nurturing environment. I believe woman, no matter what their situation, deserve to look and feel beautiful."

Makeup is fun and creative

Don’t be scared of makeup! Once you’ve learnt how to apply it correctly, you’ll love experimenting with colours and styles. Find your unique makeup style with these easy to follow makeup lessons.